Reflections on a new semester, and a new job season

School starts next week! And I’m nervous. About teaching, a little; I’ve been teaching since my 2nd year in grad school, and I’ve taught just about every kind of class you can imagine. Still, that first day with new students and a new set of people to learn about always gives me anxiety dreams.

But I’m most nervous about the job market. I went on for the first time in 2014, which I think now was too early (I hadn’t finished the dissertation); but at the time it was the right decision for me. What that means, though, is that this is my fifth time through, and as of now I have no job after June 30th of next year. This is not unique to me. I have many many many other thoughts and feelings about these facts, but I am saving those for my therapist.

What I do want to share, for whatever it’s worth, is my filing system, developed over the past 5 years of job hunting. It has seemed helpful to other people, especially those going on the market for the first time. What I want to emphasize is that this system is what works for me; it might not work for anyone else. But I hope it is valuable to see how one person organizes massive amounts of information and documents that are the same-but-different for every single school.

(NB: this is a low-res video, but it should be clear enough to see what I’m talking about!)

Job market filing: flexible and extensible

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