My pedagogy centers on what I’ve come to call the “Mythbuster’s Approach”:  one of the slogans for the show, and in my classrooms, is that failure is always an option. Whether I am teaching introductory composition, digital humanities, literary theory, or seventeenth-century poetry, my classes always focus on experimentation, testing, and iterative and productive failure. A few sample syllabi are here, but in the spirit of Adam and Jamie, are subject to change and revision at any time.

Taught at Amherst College:

Fall 2018: Polemical Women of the Seventeenth Century (300-level course)

Spring 2018: Handbooks of (Digital) Humanism (400-level course)

Taught at Indiana University:

Fall 2016: Introduction to College Reading, Writing, and Thinking (Composition, 100-level course)

Spring 2015: Introduction to Literary Theory (300-level course)